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Looking to merge or absorb other dying guilds

Since recruitment is pretty much dead on this game I am looking for other guild that may want to be incorporated into The 7th Seal. Anyone interested in this contact Wishkiller on PSN… I am willing to rename the guild and open up to rule changes and design of the shield… As long as you have some dedicated players… Your guild level don’t really matter all that much. We are rank 77. This is an easy way to get into a top 100 guild instantly.

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Desire here. Why not bring yourself and 10 active guild members to Skid Row Reprisal? It’s an active guild, with an awesome leader. I know how hard it is to leave a guild that you love, but there’s safety in numbers. We’re getting tasks done, we’re currently ranked 70, and we fight in bracket 4 of guild wars.

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Sorry, we have already merged with a level 41 guild. We still need a few people if you have any that want to move over let me know. And thank you for the invite

Congratulations! We will keep you in mind.