Looking to join a good guild

I can contribute 100k gold, 100 trophies and 1500 seals weekly. Plays daily.

Would like to look for an active guild that completes all guild task weekly.

My level is 815 currently.

Invite me if u think I’m good.

My hero name is kangzz

I will say what most are thinking… :slight_smile: You are looking for a guild which completes all tasks… this requires (500k+) per player to complete. Yet you are only going to contribute 100k Gold. This is why you havent been swarmed with responses.

That being said, I’m the GL of Anothernymous, the past two weeks we have completed all tasks and 3 legendary tasks both weeks. We are 30/30 members at the moment, but if circumstances change i would be very interested.

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