Looking for player for number nine guild


Looking for a lvl 1000 player for my guild just do legendary tasks and we ll have a blast good guild chat no bs guild we r number nine


Hey buddy, you don’t have to keep making a new “post” you can BUMP yours back to the top of the stack by entering a reply on any circumstances that have changed, such as requirements or available spots, or you can do like the lazy top guilds and simply type in “bump” every 8 hours in REPLY so that those coming here looking for a guild will see your post first.

Good luck on the recruiting, way easier here than competing with “viper” in global.


I feel sorry for Viper. He’s just trying to get a full guild and people are pretending to help. They are pretending they will join. He may be going about it a little aggressive. Seems like he is either foreign and english is not his first language, he’s very young, has a mental issue, or is a very stealthy troll.


Thanks for your advice i dont realy mind making a new but i sure wil try the bump thing im kinda new on forums lol


You also might want to put your guild name some where because some people may be searching the forums from a cell phone and can’t look and see what the #9 guild is currently.


Thanks but nr 9 seems enough info to me the name is not so important right?


Only important if you want to recruit people to your guild, in my opinion. I search the forums from my phone while at work. That’s why I mentioned people using cell phones. I am also new to the recruiting, but have been successful in getting recruits. If it works for you then that’s all that matters. Have a gem good day!