Looking for newcomers

In need and help to support raid and guild wars. Also need help with making up to 40,000 seals every week. Come join Apex Legion.

Welcome to the GoW community, XpBucko.

May I suggest that you include something about the kind of guild community you’d like to build and what advantages newcomers might receive from membership? For example: Is your vision for your guild to be very competitive to climb up the leaderboards in short time? Would you be satisfied to have a guild full of people who wish to make their seals and gold requirements with little to no interaction with other guild members, or are you looking for people who are willing to fraternize in guild chat (or Discord) while bouncing team composition ideas with others? Maybe something in between? Something else entirely?

Provide some description that might appeal to newcomers to the game to set your guild apart from the crowd.

Happy gaming!

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Also, please post in the appropriate Guild Recruitment channel


This is his 1st post I believe. I made the same mistake. I didn’t realize there was a subforum for guild recruits