Looking for new Guild to join

Hi, I started playing Gems of War a few years ago on Xbox and transitioned over to PC and now i’m looking for a active guild to join. I’ve only been playing on pc for a few days so still a relatively low level but will grind as best as i can to help


We should be able to fit you in for our beginners guild in the Dominant family and you can move up to higher reward guilds as you go up in level. Check us out on Discord Dominant

Hi there, please don’t forget to consider SCP foundation. Come and check us in Tyrant Alliance

Not sure what is your level and how much you can produce, however, take a look at the “Sons” requirements and guilds under the Sons family.

There are no hard level requirements as long as you can meet the trophy requirements in these guilds. Any of these guilds will develop your account like crazy, especially Anarchy.