Looking for new casual Guild

Hello, I’m currently in a guild that’s become pretty much inactive, it no longer enters Guild Wars nor makes any seal chest upgrades, I’m level 400+ and have been steadily adapting to the game and wish to join a more active guild and take my skills to the next level and beyond… A guild that’s casual with no pressure but do what they are capable of is the type I’m looking for. If any Guild that has any opening and fits what I’m looking for then do please let me know


Hey Lavazza!

There’s a lot of great guilds here. Are you playing on PC/Mobile or console (xbox, NS, etc.)?

We’re currently full but I’m sure other guild leaders will show up here soon. There’s also family of guilds like Throne of Odin (ToO) which offers a range of guilds for you to grow and move around according to your playing style.

Wishing you a wonderful day and happy Vault weekend! :sunflower:

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

* Magix *


Thank you for the response and info, I really appreciate it, I have only just begun scouting

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: Are you playing on PC/Mobile?

You can also hop into global chat 001 or 002, lots of good guilds recruit on those channels.

Hi Lavazza,

I’m from Throne of Odin, if you’re on PC/Mobile and looking for a guild family to grow with. Each of our guilds has its own team of leaders and we share a Discord server where all our players can share information, ideas, or just chat. We encourage players to switch guilds as their play style/availability changes. Please feel free to message me on discord or join our server to see if one of our guilds looks like a good fit for you:

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