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Looking for new and advanced guild... updated 12/23

Looking for a very active guild. A guild that does numerous LT every week. I donate between 1-1.5 mil. A week. Seals are usually done first day or two. I will do GW but would rather have a guild that is focused on tasks instead. I do have discord if needed. Thank you. Updated as of 12/23.

@Brat, Taxaholic is a semi-casual Guild Wars focused guild. We are in GW bracket 6 (currently ranked 57) and our guild ranking in around 205. Are requirements are simple: do you guild wars battles daily, if possible set unique defense teams to maximize scores, and communicate clearly in guild chat if you can’t play or fulfill your reqs.

We always complete at least 2 tasks and hit 20,000 seals. We have a positive, fun, family like camaraderie with a very active guild chat. We have a Discord server, but it is optional for sharing teams and backup communication. If you’re interested, send me your invite code.


If you’re interested in joining Anonymous, please drop @Aelthwyn a PM. We can meet all your requirements.

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I tried to pm them. Never did one on here before though. Hopefully I did it correctly.