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Looking for like minded competitive Guild

Like the title says im looking for a guild of people that like to get the job done many of you know me from Global 001 but don’t let my banter put you off I’m super competitive. ,
I do expect commitment by that i mean all 30 doing their fair share no exceptions (unless real life throws a curve ball) .
So yeah have good work ethic and like banter we will get along just fine.

Im Level 1135 and have many mythics and Dawnbringer you will get in return
1500 seals by Tuesday latest.
1 to 2 Million gold every Monday
500+ Trophies per week
Boss raid AVG 25k+ damage
Invasion AVG 500+ Towers
Guild Wars 45/50k score

Please reply here catch me in Global or via discord @ Martin Lotterer#0945

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Black Dragons is looking for people to join after GW, you may of seen me recruiting earlier while we talked :stuck_out_tongue:
If you wanna chat about reqs and everything, feel free to jump on the discord and have a chat https://discord.gg/5qjx889

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Just weighing options up atm had some good offers.

Impervious Basterds are recruiting. Top 25 Guild Check out our recruiting thread

Dang, I’ve been suffering through chat lag recruiting all weekend, and now that all spots are filled you show up. Life just isn’t fair. :pouting_cat:

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Hey Martin we would be glad to have you join Hunters of Gems now at rank 176 and GW bracket 8 your numbers sound great if I don’t hear back soon I will DM you on discord. Leave your invite code and we will get you right in.