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Looking For Guilds To Cooperate With

Hello! My name on the PS4 is ‘Starlight’ PSN ‘Nekroslucem’. I am the guild leader to ‘Vendetta’ which is currently #27 in top guilds on the PS4. I additionally run a baby / casual guild with another guild leader named ‘Forgotten Blood’ on the same platform’. I am looking to branch out even further. Which is the reason for this thread. I would be interested in being a sister guild to at least a top 100 guild on PC/mobile. What does this do exactly? Well not a lot but it will allow players from PC/mobile to bridge into the PS4 if they every choose with a automatic home. And hopefully vice versa for players of the PS4 shifting into PC/mobile. Additionally it would allow us all to get together and build a network between platforms. Maybe even discuss how a sistering across platforms could even function better. Just an idea. If its something you might like to do just message me.

We also have a Discord that everyone can use to allow us all to get together in one place.