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Looking for guild that can reliably reach 20k seals [CLOSED]

Currently lvl56 with Dragon Armor.
Happy to meet gold contribution requirement as long as it is affordable (<=50k).
Don’t talk much but can reliably reach Tier 1 with 150+ trophies and 1000+ seals every week.
If you are interested, my invite code is “MELDIN 25”. Thanks.

Update: Already found a new guild. Thanks for reading.

Tried to invite you and it says Does not exist == MELDIN 25

Could you try again. I just left my current guild. Thanks!

Tried and it still says ‘User does not Exist’ Tried without a space between MELDIN 25 as well…

Found you – there is an underscore in your name MELDIN_25

Strange. I am on android. Please see my screen shot below…

Thanks. Got the invitation and joined. Looking forward to having fun with you guys.

We’re a very casual and friendly guild. And Xenor/jupider are both really really helpful.

PurdueSI they are awesome.