Looking for guild for returning player

Hey, I’m lvl 42 currently, but with the new speed update and the fact I already have some really good legendaries, I’m looking for a guild that would be willing to take me in and help me grow. Kinda lost interest since everything took so long but this speed update is amazing and I want to get back into it. Invite code is ICHIRAKORASAKI_EQB7

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I tried inviting you but I guess you’ve already joined another guild.

I didn’t see one. I deleted it off of my system to make room for stuff that doesn’t just irritate me xD

Come join Hobo Bandits, I need active members for tasks and wars :blush:


I’,m recruiting for my guild BlueDragons (Top 1500s, 100% Gold, Guild Wars Top 400s).
We have 3/5 active players and want to expand so that all can benefit.
Reply if you’re interested and i’ll send you an invite.

Best Regards

Are you still looking for a guild to help u grow? Min req is to collect your 1500 guild seals. Mic is helpful when asking for advice in our leaders party chat