Looking for guild around 100K/750S/100T (2 players)

My wife and I are looking for a new guild (we had our own but the Guild Wars seems like a good reason to join up)
We should be able to manage more than the above requirements, but we don’t want the stress of having to push each week.
We’re daily players so GW matches should be no problem. It’s a package deal so we need two slots.

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Celestial Peak might be what you’re looking for. We are currently ranked 51st and adapts a casually-competitive policy.
Casual, as in the absolute min per week is 500 seal/100 trophy. (with a demotion penalty, and a kick if member is already at lowest rank)
Competitive, as in if you wish to earn in-guild promotion, then you need to accomplish 300k/1500seals/300 trophies for that week.
Our attitude toward Guild War is: If you’re online and playing PvP anyway, might as well starts with GW battles first.

Most members can usually find their own comfort zone between that range. Unfortunately we only have one spot open atm, There might be another spot open in 8 hours, since that’s when we do our demotion/removal tally of the week, but I can’t promise if that guild member will make the weekly min line by then. Please let me know in a PM if you’re interested, and we can try to work something out.

Edit: We are usually at 30,000 seals every week, and completes at least 3 tasks.

We have 2 Seats Open in DruidsVale. :smiley:

a link to this topic

We will be happy to have both with us. We are a casual but active guild with low requirement and good performances.
Hope to see you

So… confirmed that we do have 2 spots open.
Please let us know if interested, since we’ll basically be taking First Come First Served approach for recruiting.

Check our recruit topic: The Thunder Bolts is recruiting. 200k gold/600 seals/100 trophies [28/30]

Hi Azathoth:)
Safe Word rank 92 have 2 spots if you r interested:)
Req: 750 seals
GW participation
Donate what you can ( focus on kingdoms
first )
User of LINE thats how we communicate
We r a friendly guild that help each other out:)

We have 3 couples in the guild:)

Hey Azathoth (and wife),

We currently have some spots available. Guardians of Terra, rank 209. Our weekly req’s are 600 seals and 20k gold (almost all of us hit far over 20K, but we also don’t want to stress it out so we keep it low). We do not have trophy reqs, though almost all members get 100+ a week. Our main req right now is being able to play the GW daily battles, which it sounds like you two like as well! All of our statues are at level 70 or above (red=89, blue=81, green = 77, etc.), and we finish the red statue every week for the attack bonus. We could easily finish more statues each week with a couple more active members. W are sitting at 23/30 right now, but are actively looking for members to complete out ranks. We finished in the top 200 on GW last week, even with being a few members shy.

If any of the above interests you (or if you have any question)s please pm me or send me your invite code! We’d love to climb the ranks with you, and share strategies as we go. We also use the LINE ap to communicate outside of the game as well, if you were interested.