Looking for guild: 2 slots for levels 1300 and 1200

My friend and I (level 1200 and 1300, respectively) are looking to join a new guild. Quick background, I’ve been guildmaster of rank 160 Carlos Dangerzone for two years, and the recruiting slog is real (as you know, if you’re reading this). After internal discussions, we decided it would be best for everyone in the guild if we disbanded and joined more active guilds.

At a bare minimum, weekly, we can each do 1 million gold, 1500 seals, and 120-200 trophies, depending on how hard we hit PvP. As for weekly events, we both fully participate in GW. Our participation on the other events varies. What I usually do: ToD, about the first 13 floors or so. Siege, 80-100 towers. Raid, about 1k-9k damage. My friend generally does more than I do on those. Frankly, I just don’t enjoy those game modes.

A guild that:
-has room for both of us
-completes all basic tasks and at least a few legendaries each week
-might have mandatory GW participation (I love some GW) but less strict requirements for the other weeklies
-doesn’t have to hit 40k seals every week, but always on the new mythic week
-values communication, which might look like active guild chat and occasional party chat
-some system of notifying about pet rescues, preferably via Discord

We’re not looking to guild hop and want to stick around for a while. As such, I don’t want to make any quick decisions. I’d love to party chat with guild leadership to get a feel for whether we’d be a good fit. I will be more likely to respond quickly if you send me an Xbox message. GT: Lazy Swayze

Looking forward to learning more about your guild!

@Rojo, @AerisaHale, let’s invite these two great players to check out our guild family and find The Unforgiven guild that’s right for them! :smiley:

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We have requirements that are higher then what you’re looking for, 15k Raid, 120 Towers and 20 Dooms.

It might be worth checking it out anyways.

Yours, maze

Did you guys find a guild?