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Looking for gold-based Guild

Looking for an active guild that requires 2000 Seals and > 2M gold. GW and events are just for fun, and can be skipped.

Fear the RNG does have guild Requirements but only because they close ALL the guild event portals. And if they are closed 16 hours prior to weekly reset then everyone is excused from the Requirement. Otherwise the requirements are very low considering the rewards gained.
If interested, please join our server https://discord.gg/gnNBvdc or add me on discord A.W.Ryan#6052

Hey Wow, are you interested in joining Tyrant alliance? In our alliance, there are 3 guilds meet your need. SCP(3M), WHX(2.6M) and Tyrant(2M). Join our discord to learn more: https://discord.gg/ZV9tJUr

Joined. Thanks Shuya