* Looking for an high activity Guild *

Hello my LvL is 1021 i am looking for a high activity Guild.

I can easily meet the requirements

500k+ gold
1500 seals
300 Throphies

Currently I am active in the guild Neutrons.
Send a Message to me when you have interest.

My gamertag is Kingmaus Heilig_LJWX

Are took still looking?

Yes I am still looking for a new guild. If you have a free place let me know.

Deinem Gamertag zufolge nehme ich an du bist Deutsche®? Meine Gilde Dracomania ist momentan noch Rank 226 und würde sich um Unterstüzung von dir freuen… wir schaffen es allerdings noch nicht die legendären Tasks zu beenden

I believe the guild im in would be a great fit. Message @MalteseShadow to see if we have a spot.

We are a very active guild, we communicate daily in both guild chat and in party chats. We bounce between brackets 2 & 3 for guild wars and are at rank 53. If you would like to join I sent you an invite our guild name is
, It Burns When I PVP

Do you have another guild opening? I have only been playing a month and have been in a dead guild. I get 1500 seals a week and compete in guild wars weekly but no one else in guild does? Not sure what else you need to know but just ask. I am still learning.

We have a waiting list if your interested feel free to contact me directly, it might be a few weeks at least before we would be able to get you in.

We usually get +1,000 Gems per week in Guild Wars unless 4-5 players are on vacation then unfortunately only +500.

Absolutely ZERO Trophy requirements.
1,500 Seals
Bare Minimum 600k Gold (more is better!)
Complete 30 GW battles, and know how to play Guild Wars in Bracket 1*

*score some big points😉