Looking for an active / noob friendly guild


I just started the game like a week ago or so and I’m lookin for a beginner guild.

Like a dumb person, i spent quite a lot of golds in a previous random guild I joined so I haven’t upgrade my kingdoms level (I wanted to be “useful” >.>).

I’m looking for a guild wich don’t ask for gold to new members, so I can lvl up my kingdoms to 10 (which, from what I read, is the most important things for beginners). I tend to play almost everyday, so I should be able to give seals and trophy naturaly by playing.

Let me now :slight_smile: !

Édit : guild found

If you use or are willing to use Discord we normally have some spots in our beginner guild in the Dominant family - you can find us here Dominant

Whether you join us or someone else, my personal advice would be to find a family of guilds and that way you as you get stronger you can move up to guilds that have higher requirements (and hence higher rewards) without leaving behind the friends you’ve made along the way


If you haven’t found a guild yet, come check us out. :slightly_smiling_face:

We have 6 guilds for all kinds of activity levels so you can move up (or down) to match your style of play.

There’s also always someone on our discord willing to help if you have any questions about the game.

You can find us here:

The Unholy Family offers you a good start. Multiple guilds with different “minimum requirements” will offer you help, an organized discord server for all kinds of infos about the game and overall what you’re looking for. No gold donos etc expected until your gameaccount is “ready”.