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Looking for an active guild on Xb1

Need an active guild. I’m currently Level 1037, i play daily and can donate at least 500k per week and get 1500 seals
Please let me know if you are interested
Gt: xxx preach xxx

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We’re top ten Marcel and in bracket one in gw. We do all tasks, max seals and importantly we’re friendly and cooperative. If you fancy giving us a try please pm me, my gamertag is Maczenith

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We are not top 10 yet, but we do not have any requirements like a top tier guild needs to have in order to stay in the top. We are rank 81 in trophies. We all just got a Divine Ishballa from legendary task rewards. I can’t wait to make a team with her. We get 40k seals almost every week. You could always give us a try and see if we are good for each other. Top 10 guilds will still be top 10 guilds if it doesn’t work out with us. We could probably put in a good word in a top 10 guild if you gave us a chance first. Wyoming Pixel is my gamertag.