Looking for an active Guild - New account, experienced player

My wife has decided she wanted to start a fresh account on her tablet and has reached the point where she can contribute to a Guild.

She’s level 33, can contribute 50-100k Gold/1200+ Seals and 100+ Trophies a week.

These numbers will only increase as she plays. She’s an experienced player (we shared our Console account for 9 months), friendly and helpful.

If you a lower-to-mid tier Guild with 20+ active players and need another reliable contributor, send me a PM or reply here.

Dominant is a fairly new guild looking for members who PvP to rank 1 each week and can contribute a bit. Nothing too major right now, just trying to grow our ranks.

We are currently a level 33 Guild at Rank 1688. We currently have 11 spots open and plan to fill them as soon as possible. We have a Daily Bonus of +100% Gold and our current members do donate regularly.

Bonjour, nous sommes une petite guilde familiale actuellement 4/30. Notre niveau de guilde est 663. Notre bonus de guilde est + 150%. Nous sommes ouverts à tous Français ou pas.
Notre guilde Les Victorieuses
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Envoyez moi vos codes d’invitation si vous êtes intéressés

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