Looking for an active Guild lvl 700 player

Hi everyone! I’ve started playing the game on PS4 like a couple of months ago.
Now I’m a level 691 player. As the title says I’m looking for an active guild, currently I’m in one, but sadly just 3 - 4 players are really active. Never reaching 40k seals, tasks or event goals.

Due to that, my progression became pretty slow - boring.

I’m an active player, logging / playing every day (just non-logging max 3 - 4 days per month)

I can offer 1500 seals, gold and being an active event player. All kingdoms at lvl 10 with 3* stars at least I’m farming trait stones and souls to advance.

if you have a spot let me know! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Any room @Kazuyashin?

Hey @Necrofary,

I have a spot! We reach 40k seals every week, complete all tasks on Monday and legendaries throughout the week, and finish all guild portals. Our reqs are 550k gold on Monday, all seals, and use of free event sigils. We’d also love it if you would participate/at least join in our out of game guild chat. Does this sound like the right fit for you? If so, please message me @ OMFGorgeous on PSN :slight_smile:

Definately have room. If you would like a spot in Connect 4, mins reqs are 100k gold, 750 seals, 25 trophies and guild event participation. (most of the guild far over shoots these are 1/2 the guild is over lvl 1000).

Msg if you want to join and check out our guild page.


I’ve replied your message on PSN :wink:

Hi Kayzashin, thanks for the reply. As OMFGorgeous replied me 1st i’m waiting to see if I enter his guild or not. I’ll be in touch if finally something happens :slight_smile:

@Necrofary I sent you a chat invite on PlayStation, can you join?
I kept messaging you on PS but you haven’t replied and we need to be able to communicate with our members. We’d love to have you but need to get these communication issues sorted if you want to join :slight_smile: