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Looking for active top 150 guild

I’m new to the PC/Mobile version and I am grinding hard. I’m looking to join a guild that always maxes out seals and guardians. I’m very willing to donate to my guild and I always max out weekly seals. I’m currently lvl 89 with all kingdoms unlocked. I’m grinding now to finish the few quest lines I have left and upgrading all kingdoms. Any advices, tips, questions and invites are always welcome. Thanks!

Hi Scott. I’m the Guild zmaster of Riverford ranked 50. I’m looking for more active players. Recruited people who are contributing more so should hopefully see us hit the 40K seals and unlock bonuses.
I’ll send you an invite if interested?

Hey DaFatMan88 Heroes United recruting top 14 active players :))

We’d love to have you in Riverford.

He already joined us so this thread can be skipped now.