Looking for active players for top ten xbox guild


Tante tata taaaaaaa jon suna


Bump it up


Bump again yes


I’m level 400 but play daily always 1.5k seals, rank 1 pvp have 6m gold atm


Cant at the moment looking for level 900 to a 1000 for guildwar good luck


Bump it up


Bump it up


Hi clown whats up bud are you ok?Usually ppl tell me if some come up monday i might kickyou since you are so new


Had to let you good for now its a shit show lately Finding members so i jump on any chance for a recruit youre probably not amused​:wink:but i guess i forgot to say you can always hollar at me if anything comes up and you didnt so lemme know if i can make it up with you come to think you helped us with guildwar ill make it up with u some how and promote you right back up Hope you are well and wish you all the best my friend greets and stay awesome :grinning: