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Looking for active Guild(lvl 430 player)

Hallo Guys.
I am currently level 430 and I´m looking for a german or english speaking guild.

What can i provide:
Gold: atleast 100k Gold
Seals: 1500 (Normally i get them on Monday)
Trophies: Atleast 250 (Depending on the week, this week i am at 410 on Wednesday)

Atlast i want to say, that i wont spend money on this game, so no VIP-status.



[0080FF]Epsilon is recruiting two active players; minimum requirements are 30k gold, 500 seals, and 50 trophies weekly. All player levels welcome. We’d be happy to have you if you’re interested.

join us nameless noobs

If you haven’t found a home yet, Guardians of Terra is recruiting. We are rank 140, and are an active, casual guild. We have a mix of veterans players and middle to newer players. Requirements are only 20k gold and 600 seals (most of us do more) , and participation in guild events. We get 30k seals weekly, and always get 40k when it matters aka on new Mythic weeks.

If you are interested or have any questions let me know!

Edit: I have been playing for 4+ years and have also never spent money on the game :slight_smile:

Allow me to throw our hat into the ring as well :slight_smile:

Celestial Peak is rank 54, we consider ourselves to be a casually competitive guild. Our minimum requirements are low, 100 trophies, 500 seals and guild event participation (requirements for that are all structured so there’s no gems required), so as to avoid the game becoming a chore.

We complete all regular tasks and often a few legendary ones on top and often reach 40k seals. In events, we usually reach third or second-to-last reward tier and are in bracket 7 for guild wars.

We currently have one spot available. If you’re interested or have any questions, message me or join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/VWqR7Tq

Sorry I didn’t see this until now, and thanks @gsnap for the heads up! Final Fantasy is looking to rebuild after losing some long time members. Our requirements are 500 seals/week plus either another 500 seals OR $100k gold. No vip status required – I’m f2p myself! – just activity. We’re a laid back fun group, currently ranked about 110, looking to climb back up again. Message me if you’re interested!

Hallo Darkstarrr
die Dunkelkammer Rang 138 hätte Platz. Unsere Anforderungen sind 1500 Siegel, 50 Trophäen und GK-Teilnahme. Eventteilnahme freiwillig. Bei Interesse bitte melden. Hier oder auf unserem Discordserver https://discord.gg/qngmBc9