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Looking for active clan almost lvl 30

Im almost lvl 30 and i’m looking for a good competitive, active clan that will accept new players to join.

Hi, Axel. I’ve got one of three of our Guilds that might be right up your alley.

Here’s the info I usually put up in Global:

[1f9404]Halls of Hathor, baby Sister and training guild in the Children of Ra Family, has available spots.
Reqs: 270 Seals/Week, 14K Gold/Week, Discord a MUST, 18+ GW Optional. Cubs & Experienced Welcomed.

Halls of Hathor is the “baby sister” to the Children of Ra Family of Guilds.

Temple of Sekh’met is “middle sister”, and this is what we usually say for that “Pride”:
[ab6ae5]Temple of Sekhmet, Middle Sister to Order of Bastet, has openings!
Guaranteed Output: 20K+ Seals. Reqs: Level 50 Minimum, 100K Gold/Week, 650 Seals/Week, Discord, 18+. GW Optional.

And then there’s our “Big sister”, the juggernaut-cat Pride of them, Order of Bastet:
[ff4500]Order of Bastet is Recruiting! Social group w/good (and improving) rewards: 4-5 Tasks, 35k-40k seals, lvl 100+ guild statues, Optional GW Bracket 11. Reqs: 300k/1000s/0t, Discord, 18+, Lvl 100+ (200+ preferred), kingdoms mostly levelled. Join us!

But, Purr-haps we could interest you in starting out with Halls of Hathor.

Ohh. Do you have Discord? That is among our requirements, for all three Guilds, as you’d seen

hey MinerAxel,
im the leader of a good friendly and casual guild. beginner are welcome!
we dont have discord.
Our requirements are 100 k gold (after maximizing your kingdoms)
700 seals and 50 trophies.
Guildwar isnt a requirement but its nice to help :slight_smile:
you are welcome!

Man, he’s only level 30… all your weekly gold requirements are going to scare him away :roll_eyes:

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Give DruidsHaven a try. :smiley: It’s a guild family of 3 different guilds. You could join the entry guild now, and move up to more competitive guild later if you want.

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I have a discord so can i join halls of hathor

Hey there, Axel! You still interested?

I can get someone from Hathor to ring you in right now.

make sure you join a guild that does not require you to donate gold until you have all of your kingdoms to 10, that is the first major achievement of a serious player. That being said we have a waiting list for The Unholy Family and I could put you on it, we are a group of over 135 players of all different levels and 5 guilds to choose your level of play, we got just about all of our bases covered on playstyle and people can move to whenever they want when a spot opens up, we do require discord for communication, and it makes our family more awesome, here is a link to our discord if you are interested just log in and say Hello