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Looking for a very active guild

Hello, I am looking for a very active Guild
I am level 402 (Nearly 403) I play gems of war roughly 3 hours a day.
I contribute around 10-30k gold a day.
I aim to try to get between 100-200 trophies a week.

What platform? PC/Mobile, Xbox One, or PS4?

PC only :slight_smile:

Hello there,

My guild Lolcats is recruiting and requires $100k/week. However, a lot of players contribute more. As such, we’re in talks about upping that $20k/week till we’re all comfortable with the minimum.

Edit to clarify: $120k/week next week, $140k/week the week after that, etc.

Only downside is you guys don’t do Maps. and i love doing maps

Do you have Tyri? She’s much more effective at acquiring maps than guild contributions. 2 maps are $27k in guild contributions, which will take 5-20 battles to acquire depending on how good your +% gold bonus is and luck of the PvP draw. Compare that to one battle with a Tyri-based team which’ll get you 0-5 maps, but usually 2+. Another option is spending your glory on maps in the shop.

Either way, most active guilds disapprove of map/souls contributions. Your call, lemme know. :slight_smile:

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