Looking for a top 100 guild

Over level 200, all kingdoms lv10 with at least 3 stars. Can donate 250k and bunch of seals and trophies. Like to play and ready for GW.
: *

Invite code: DANTES_1

Are you on Pc/Mobile, PS4 or Xbox?

Will help you find a guild if people know what platform you’re on :thumbsdown:

Hi we arent yet top 100 but we are 194 last i looked and have 1 open spot lmk if you are interested :sunglasses:

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Sounds like a good guild if you can get past the leader “going bananas” from time to time.

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Hey… I like :banana:

Join BLaCkGoLD! Rank 87, lvl 515, statues lvl100-110…Very friendly guild… It looks like you are already in a guild, if you want to join us, just let me know and you will get an invite :slight_smile:

we are recruiting if you are willing to meet all the reqs :slight_smile:
Rank 119, lv 289 - but we are in bracket 3 gw this and past week

Still looking?
Crit Happens! 300s/50k mid 50’s rank