Looking for a new guild to play with

Hi I’m currently looking for a new guild. I’m a high level player at 1307. Currently I’m a part of light army who have been very good to me but with recent updates I’m looking for a less focused guild wars guild. My average amounts on contribute are 1 million gold. I will play all sigils in the 3 guild events until complete I normally purchase first 3/4 levels from the shop. Trophies around 300 but that is our requirements at the moment I would like to be less and focus on explore more for now. If you feel I’m a good fit please contact me I would like to join a guild after guild wars on sunday as I will finish my games for light army

Impervious Basterds will have a couple spots open after Guild Wars is over. I think we’d be a good fit. We’re ranked #25 and are currently at the top of bracket 7 in Guild Wars — we like a challenge but aren’t super competitive, so we don’t stress over Guild Wars. It’s all in good fun.

Almost everyone in the guild is level 1000+. Our Discord is active but not overwhelming. Weekly requirements are 500k gold, 1500 seals, and around 300 trophies.

Feel free to hop on our Discord if you’re interested and want an invite: https://discord.gg/bFsN2R


Hi Grt7,
We at Final Destination have a spot open.
We are a new guild (about 10 weeks old), with all players level +1000, low in the GW brackets.
I think we would be a good fit for you.
You can chat with wagner#8368 on Discord and check us out.
Hope to see you soon!

Hi there!. We will have a few openings in TUF:Power Gems and TUF:Purgatory next week. All our guilds are trophy req free. U could explore til your hearts content😄
Power Gems is in bracket 2 but that is our only focus
Purgatory u could be more laid back on all aspects. Come chat with us if interested