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Looking for a new guild home

I’ll be leaving my current guild on Sunday/Monday so I’m currently looking for a new home. My current level is 1160, seals always done and usually in the first 2 days. Gold generated around 700k a week and trophies around 250-300.


I’ll send you a PM.

Edit: I just realized that my post might mislead people into thinking that I was successful in recruiting mld-81 to my guild. I wasn’t and he is still a potential free-agent for anyone that is looking…

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we are rank 16 if intrested we max seals, daily guiid wars, 500k week, 200 trophies min…in gems can reach me at CHEVELLE SS2 IF EVER INTRESTED

I would like to recruit you to our guild.

Close this thread as nemesis is the lucky guild that Marc can call home now!!! Welcome aboard my friend!


Hi mld-81,

are you still looking for a guild? Do you want in our Guild “Eder and Friends”?
Requests: 350 k Gold, all seals, 250 trophies and GW.
If you Need more informations send me a pm.



Copy & paste, change user name, done…

sorry I’m new on this platform…what do you mean with it?
Has I done something wrong?

Firstly thank you for the reply but if you read up you would’ve seen I was already recruited by a guild.

Secondly, what @Casper1875 is getting at is the whole poaching thing. You’ve messaged me and many others on the psn asking to join your guild whilst in a guild already. Poaching is frowned upon and looks bad on your guild.

Finally, I’ve requested with the mods to close this thread ages ago as I am no longer looking for a guild.