Looking for a new guild for 3 players pc/moblie

Looking for a semi competitive to hardcore guild for myself and 2 other players.

Myself - level 784, can reach 600k+, 1500 seals, 300t and all GW matches
2nd player - level 167, 100k+, 1500 seals, 100t and all guild war matches
3rd player - level 111, this player is a casul player who loves the game. Is trying to get more time to play. Hoping for a guild who can show some patience with her. She can play all guild war matches and close to 1000 seals.

Hopefully we can find a guild who can take all 3 of us. Please let me know then i will post our invite codes.


I’m sad that I only have one slot available at the moment. Taxaholic would love to have your group. We’ve recruited groups like yours before and it’s worked out beautifully. The good news is that even your level 111 player will be in high enough demand that you guys should easily find a home. Good luck.

Ty for that.

Hi Potter -

I just sent you a PM.


You sound like a perfect fit for Final Fantasy! We have four slots open at the moment, so we could take all three of you! We’re in bracket 8 or 9 right now – slipped down some when we lost a number of players – and we just hit 500k trophies! Our requirements are GW plus either 1k seals or 500 seals + 100k gold (or a combination between!) We’re competitive, friendly and fun. Send me a PM if you’re interested!! Good luck wherever you end up.

Sent you a pm. Sushi-bar would love to have you !