Looking for a guild who hits the 40k seals


I’m looking for a guild who hits the 40k seals mark every week.

I can commit to give 100k gold a week, reaching 1,5K seals and 800 trophies. And of course I’ll do my best with the next guild wars.

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100k gold but 800 trophies? Why so little gold?

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Because I use the majority of the gold for myself?

It’s a minimum.

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My guess would be still leveling kingdoms…as that is the most useful way to use gold outside of the guild. :smile_cat:

Realm of the Undead, rank 59, hits 40k seals every week but 300k gold is the minimum

How many Kingdoms do you have left to level and how long do you expect until you finish them?

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Marshal,rank 55.
40k seals and 18 legendary tasks.
reqs:500k gold,500 trophy,1500 seal.
we are very active.welcome join us.

Can you invite me to that> this is a mobile guild, correct?

Eye wanna play 1

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Can you pm me your lvl and how donate per week,ok?

Sent a pm to you