Looking for a guild that shares my despise of guild wars

Who wants mEh? :baby:t6:


Oi tech…dominant has optional gw but we’re full atm :smiley: pinging @Gilgamesh

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I’m not sure I anticipate us having any openings this week, but let me know if your interested or have any questions.

Truth be told I don’t despise guild wars, I’m just 100% indifferent to the results and participation lol. We don’t need the seals from wins to hit 40k.

@en9nhcet I feel your pain, I too have no interest in guild wars. I have no issues with the fantastic guild I am already in but unfortunately they do guild wars (bracket 1). A guild that doesn’t do it but does all tasks and seals each week would suit me but I don’t think there is one out there, not on PS4 anyway.