Looking for a guild: L1000+ player

Hey all,

I am a L1100+ player that produces weekly:

  • 1M+ gold
  • 2000 seals
  • 800+ trophies

All my Kingdoms are L10+ and PL5+. All my factions have L10 hoard with many hoard level 100+.

I use all free sigils + tier 1+ purchase from the shop for guild events and I score 55,000+ points in guild wars.

If guilds interested in such profile contact me here or through DM, I would be interested to know what you can offer.

We have one spot at the Golden Phoenix Inn.
Reqs are 1.5mil + 1500s. No GWs

If you are looking for something more GW focused we have some room in one of our guilds.

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intrim might be a good fit. Hit us up if you’re interested

We have one spot open in DruidsQuest. 350k gold, 1000 seals, 40k seals and guild events completed.

DQ is part of Druids Alliance, a family of 6 guilds. Check us out in our discord: Discord