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Looking for a good soul/gold farming team

I am still a fairly new player. I am currently at level 71 and I want to be able to farm gold and souls. I have a level 17 Sunbird (no traits, blue card), Level 12 Rowanne (No traits, purple card) and 3 level 15 Fire Bomb (fully traited, white card). I feel like I am doing something wrong because I am having no luck with farming.

I have tried to explore on normal and it takes a while to beat the level. Maybe my team isn’t strong enough? My fire bombs do 9 damage when they explode and my Sunbird deals 13 damage before resurrecting.

Thank you for your help and advice.

It may not feel like it, but level 71 is still too low-level for soul farming, and not a lot of people gold farm. In GoW the levels sort out rougly like this:

  • 200 is “not a newbie but still early game”.
  • 400 is “midgame”, though it depends on which troops you have.
  • “Endgame” doesn’t have a level. It can happen anywhere from 600-1200 and is based on what troops, traitstones, and other resources you have.

It’s not until about level 400 that you tend to have had enough troop pulls to start thinking about the kinds of stats that a “fast explore” team uses. That team also assumes you’ve ascended every troop to legendary (which means they’re all about level 19). That team also assumes you’re in a guild that gives you the maximum stat bonuses every week. It also assumes you have every kingdom at level 10 and, in some ways, that you’ve got the extra +1 from kingdom power. So you have a long way to go!

For example, my Fire Bombs do 24 damage and my Sunbird does 28 right now. That’s how many stats you’re missing at the moment!

Right now your best bet for gold and souls is to do Arena. Until level 200, you won’t face the tougher weapons, and in Arena all troops are level 15 no matter what. So you aren’t at a big disadvantage for being new.

And definitely spend the resources you get on traiting/leveling those cards you’ve named: I don’t know at exactly what level that team gets “fast” at explore, but you’ll know it when you see it.

Also: when you unlock Dungeon, beat as much of those 3 matches as you can every day. Get 800 diamonds, and wait for Soulforge to have TDS. That’s a very good troop both for soul farming and for early PvP teams.