Looking for a GL

We are recruiting a GL for our guild Cnonymous (#179 / bracket 18).

The reqs are :

  • 750 seals
  • 100K gold (the members are exempted if they are still leveling their kingdoms)
  • 75 trophies
  • participation in the weekly events

Although it is a casual guild that welcomes new players, its aim is to reach eventually the 40K seals consistently. It has already succeeded in doing so, as well as completing all the tasks, on several occasions lately.

Ideally we are looking for an experienced player who would like to go casual, who will be
active on Discord to provide help and tips to the members of the guild and interact with them, and who will work in collaboration with the GLs and administrators of our alliance to define the strategy and objectives of the guild, and organise the recruitment and the many swaps of players between the guilds of our alliance.

If you are interested join our server or send a PM to @Geran or me.