Looking for a better guild?

Madrina’s Marauders has one open spot and will have another on 1/20.

We’re an active, supportive, friendly guild
Active in all guild events - 1st place in our bracket in guild wars right now
40,000 chests every week
Min Reqs:
100,000 gold
1,500 seals
All guild wars matches
Discord optional.

Let me know if you’d like to join the family!

Hi, I am very active player, I can easy meet your requirements and I am looking for active guild to join.

My name in game is Cofi :grinning:

Hi Cofi!
We’d be glad to have you.

I need your invite code from bottom of the games settings page,

so I can send an invite to your game mail.

COFI_6OXM or 0 instead of O, iam not sure

OK I’ll send it now, see you in guild chat!

Cofi, it says you’re in another guild.
If you still want to join you’ll have to leave it for invite to go through.

Sorry I did not know that :grinning: try now

What channel should I join?