Looking for a 40K seal guild, can do 1500s 200+t

But I’m still leveling up all of my kingdoms, so my gold donation is kind of limited (i’ve done 20k the last two weeks with my guild. I am trying to build my troops, and my current guild has noone but me doing 1500 seals, and we aren’t even close to 20k total. Is it unrealistic to be in a 40k seal guild without donating a lot of gold?

It is definitely realistic brudda just keep lookin…

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

Hi, Jimy.

I’ve got 4 openings in Order of Bastet:

We’ve been consistently close to getting 40K for the last number of weeks; ranging btw 35K and 39K.

Looking for those who have Discord, are active and social, but can meet or exceed our reqs of 150K Gold & 750 Seals.

Give me a shout here, or in PM, if you’re interested. Please include where your Kingdoms currently are at. I’m hoping to have at least one opening filled with someone who’s a bit of a “seasoned” player, Kingdoms at least reasonably on the way to being completed, level-wise.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey, thanks for your reply, I actually found a clan in game though.