Looking 4 new Guild

I am an end game player who is always top of the Guild in all categories, I am in a decent guild but 10 out of the 30 do not play GW and do not do their part with the guild seals.

Are there any guilds out there that need a dedicated player that is able to get to 40,000 seals?

PS: Mobile gamer.

Might help your search if you include platform

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If you are PC/Mobile I can get you into Intrim. Let me know.

Mobile here

Take a look if we sound like a good fit for you:

I am interested, how do I join?

Are you talking about Intrim?

I was talking to SirCookie but that doesn’t mean I am not interested in Intrim, how can I find out more about your guild?

We have Intrims for any level of player, so if the top Intrim is too much, Intrim II or III may work for you. Let me know

Interested, I can meet the top requirements.

Got 1 opening with our Guild as well if you’re interested:

If you like our offer, consider applying to Dark Riders :slight_smile: