Longest anyone has been in a guild? 803 days is the current record. Can you beat it?

So what’s the longest anyone has been in a guild? Can anyone beat 803 days (What? Humble brag? Where?) :wink:

Also, fear my 7 battle win steak! Fear me!


My 5 cent bet is @esslee

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Oh? A challenger approaches…

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Can’t beat that. But I’m equal in days in a guild.
I’m sure there will be someone who will beat us.


Ha! Nice. :smiley:

I know that there are guilds older than ours but I wonder if they have any of the original members in them still?

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Not in Anonymous, unfortunately. The last remaining original member was dhjl. I have “only” been in the guild for 594 days and our veteran for 618 days.


That’s not that surprising. My wife (our guild leader) and I barely made it through the update droughts of the first year. If there had been another good match-3 game to come out back then, we probably would have left from burn out, too. I’m glad we hung in there but 2+ years is a long time for anyone to play a game, let alone a “casual” mobile game. Not to mention unless you’re a guild leader, sticking with one guild that long is probably unusual.

As, @Menacra said, I’m sure there’s someone still playing that’s been here longer but I bet there aren’t many. :slight_smile:

I can’t quite beat number of days - but I do win the most troops prize :laughing::trophy:


Longest serving member of MatchMasters is @Mojocuervo on 768 days, so we can’t beat that record. We do have I think six members who are over 700 days (I am not one of them).

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I’ve got the longest membership for our guild.


You made the game! Cheater!

(light-hearted sarcasm, j/k, j/k. don’t stone/ban/execute)

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316? somebody has a Mongo…


Haha! I’m actually surprised you’ve only got 18 days more than us. :smiley:

Did you join/start the guild before or after official launch? I know my wife & I started playing pretty close to launch but I can’t remember how close anymore (plus we didn’t start our guild the first day so I’m pretty sure there are other player guilds that are older).

Take that Sirrian!


I joined the dev guild (originally known as Infinity and Beyond) on the offical launch on iOS.

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Am pretty close with 804.