Long weekend at IP2

Hi all,

There is a public holiday here tomorrow (Friday 29th September), so our office will be closed.

You will see us back in action around the place first thing on Monday.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend :v:


So nothing will be different. Got it. :wink::joy:

Have a nice long weekend over there! :slightly_smiling_face:


In before the flood of bug reports when something in the planned weekend event gets misconfigured and (almost) nobody’s present in the office to fix it urgently…

…at least, I hope that’s a joke?


With Vault Weekend happening this weekend… you can almost count on it. :smile:


German Butterbrot Day!

Noice! Have fun buttering those brots!

The last time, something specifically broke at a weekend, has been a while, but the overlap with a vault weekend does of course increase the chances somewhat.
Let’s see and hope for the worst.

Totally depends on if the vault weekend runs smooth, without bugs emerging / server errors / any negative interference. Thank god noone is ready to step in, work, and fix stuff if something goes wrong during this three day period… 50gems, very sorry.

If noone can be reached everyone’s working on the daily deals fix so eventually it passes testing, right? Enjoy your holiday+weekend with a equal amount of enthusiasm.

But seriously, hopefully all of you get back to work relaxed.

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