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Long time but is done (2Million Trophies)

Hi all players.

Long time take me to reach the 100k in all the Guild Stats. I´m sure I’m not the first who reach it but maybe the first who post it.

Is difficult to many players because you lose your stats when you leave a guild. I never leave my guild so is more easy to get them.

Probably seals is the hardest part because except if you buy a lot you need a lot of time to reach 100k with 1500 seals weekly. I also buy some that’s why I have some more already. And trophies is the hard part. You need to play a lot also to get 100k trophies.

DarkWarriors reach the 1M Trophies this week and I reach 100k trophies myself.
Also we get 2 Mythic this week in LT > Pharos-Ra and Yasmine ;))))

100k modified

Sorry if I don´t show more things, but I think the important part is the one who must be seen.
(a little point to devs: you can see how sad is now the guild browser, it need some more life please)

Thx all and cheers



And I know what you mean, the whole game is bright and flashy now but guild roster is full as can be.

Keep up all your gemming!!

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Congrats Onopalver!

I remember and appreciate the time you letting my low playing alt account hang around for a while in Mobile/PC land.


I remember you of course and I know your account on xbox
Thx a lot.

I hope you still playing Mobile/Pc anyway.

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Well done brudda goodwill.

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And this happens, I wasn´t prepare for the moment, it happens so fast :disappointed_relieved:, but… anyway :relaxed:


DarkWarriors is just there, climbing :muscle:

Now we go for 3,4,5M ,…who knows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Grats Ono and DarkWarriors!