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🍭🍭 Eternal Empire 🍭🍭 #29 Recruiting! (29/30) 40K Seals & 12+ LT(s)

Welcome to the Eternal Empire Recruitment thread

Members status: 30/30

We Have:

  • +340% Gold daily bonus
  • +5 % Tribute chance
  • +45% XP
  • +5 Map turns
  • +9% Tribute amount
  • +40% Souls
  • +1 Glory
  • Weekly report.
  • and we help for team build!

If you are interested to be our comrade, please PM me with your details:

  • Level
  • Weekly Seals
  • Invite Code
  • Trophies (you need to brag! :p)

##Thank you and have fun!

Our guild journey in reaching TOP 50 per 24 June 2017 (2 days old) :

GOLD : Highest gold donated 36,781,000

TROPHY : Highest Trophy gained 24,135


do you still have spot available? I am interested to join in

ASUS_6 ready to come aboard.

hey im looking for a guild and can hit 1500 seals weekly & other requirements comfortably… invite me up if you still have slot open

invite code: HOSHII

im new to this forum…
how can you PM here? :confused:

Hey Psy…did you kick me from the guild? My game is showing me w.o a guild…

i want to join your guild
i got 1500 seals ,+300 trophies and donate +100k every week
my invite code is ZODD_5

please invite me

I can easily achieve the min requirements
LV 136
1500 seals
+300 Trophies ( +400 every week but i can Guarantee only 300 trophies)

i love the point race

please tell me
how can i do ?

i see :sweat_smile:

Hey please invite me :slight_smile:

Invite code: KRAMPIEH
Level: 175
I can easily reach the minimum requirements.
For reference I have contributed to my current guild:
46k Gold, because the guild does not have minimum requirements
1500 Seals
152 Trophies


Just a shout-out to ya’, Psy! You’re doing awesome-sauce, and I absolutely ADORE the pic you’d done up for your Guild of those three beaver knights. :smile:

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Hey there, I cant seem to find your discord channel. Im currently lvl 75 and im interested in joining your guild.
Invite code is STILHUMBLE89

ill join invite code COWMAN

1500 seals
350k+ gold
most kingdoms 5 stars

I am interested in joining.

Invite code PIKROS
Weekly Seals: 1500
Level 212 (been playing 72 days)
VIP level 7
Trophies (2270 total, mainly because of focusing on traitstones, Can get 500-1000 weekly easy.)

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Thank you, I have left my previous guild.

Hi. Im interesting join to You guild. Im in global chat chanel 003.

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Im in discord. Still wait when fix game,ech.

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Thx for everything.