LOL If the (unpromised, unconfirmed) "REAL" Pvs.P Finally Gets In LOL

There’s gonna be a lot of ragequitting, I can see it now. LOL Suppossedly, we’re getting a Pvs.P(human vs. human) sometime later this year or early next year, I hope this is true, it gets boring playing against the A.I. LOL


Where did you come by this info?

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And where did you get that kind of information?
Don’t trust the fortune cookies!

Seeing the reactions about guild wars - i am pretty certain we wont be seeing real PvP ever.


REALLY? I can’t wait! Honestly, that’d be great, just have a 15 second time limit, nothing too long.

But how am i gonna fill my infinite 1-turn win transformation loop in a 15 second window?


Unless you can quote one of the devs on this, I don’t believe it. I sincerely doubt this will ever happen.


Would love to see this happen, but they have never stated that it is coming anytime soon, unless I missed it.

They have mentioned it a couple times in the past, even on the old forum, but it was never anything high on their priority list. They also said real PvP would not replace out what we currently know as PvP, and that it would either be a minigame, or something like an addition to the friends list (:soon::tm:, over 1 year later the button still does nothing :stuck_out_tongue: ) that would allow you to battle friends in real time.

The fact that they are switching over their code base is a good sign in this direction though.


If they spend a bunch of cycles on realtime PVP instead of fixing all the bugs currently in the content we have now, that will likely be the last straw for me.

There’s a multitude of reasons why a game like this should never have real PVP, not the least of which is that the game we have now is riddled with problems and live PVP would never be reliable enough to work.


im kinda in the middle of this one, i would love to fight an actual person but at the same time i dont believe that they will make this. and even if they did guild wars would still have to be person vs ai, purely for the fact that if it wasnt then guild wars would have to be at a certain time and not that many people care about guild wars already to sign play at a specific time. not to mention their jobs

When they introduce it as an extra mode you don’t feel punished for not playing, when it doesn’t take much Devs resources/time to implement and when they put a ban a troop(s) mechanic into it, i’d like to see this implemented at some point.


Also considering how long GW took to design - without adding much new stuff the game (mostly new panels, but gameplay is the same) polishing every thing for PvP would take at least a year period. And thats a year of just focusing on that.


I played “Real” PvP in the original version Gems by Sirrian. It was ok. But probably there are dozens or more features that are a better use of the developers time than “real” PvP. Heck someone keeps an massive list of minor QoL improvements that are a better use of resources.


LOL There’s gonna be the online multiplayer option, if a small amount of folks don’t like it then, just simply don’t play that mode. Though, don’t go around bragging that you’ve defeated A.I. controlled teams if you haven’t actually defeated the actual person controlling said team. LOL

If by “actual person controlling” you mean sitting there to watch me infinite loop his team into onblivion then yes, this is definitely were the real challenge lies.


LOL! Do you even know how MUCH work would be needed to implement said feature and maintain it?! LOL.

And then there’s the balance issues with troops mentioned on here daily, who gets the first turn and how it’s decided along with a whole plethora of other factors, LOL.


@verdugo You slay me. :joy:


Does the OP have a six-month quota on baseless speculation presented as fact?


Baseless speculation is best speculation.


A wild @Lyya appears! Verdugo used iggies! :smirk:


LOL A lot can happen in “6 months”.