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LOL How Many Gold Chests Are Y'all Opening Daily?

I aim for at least 150 a day. Over the Thanksgiving and Christmas “holidays”, I’ll probably try to open 1,000 on each, thanksgiving and Christmas. What about you all?

None. Unless I have a Gold Chest Task, then 100.

When a new Kingdom comes out, I use every key I have saved up and a pile of Gold to boot. (so I guess that’s like Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled into one)

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At least 25. I’m not playing that much for more, but I need those souls.

Depends on the day, mondays around 100-200, tuesday 50-75, wednesday maybe 1-2, thursday 90, friday 110, saturday unknown variable please enter amount, sunday error 404 rest day not found.

I get about 300k from doing pvp each week
Another 75k from doing explores
50k or so from buying troop bundles (highly variable)
Maybe 100k from collecting tribute over the week

so 525k gold baseline, which goes towards guild on Monday to complete tasks.

Then I open all the gold chests from guild gold key task rewards, from matches, from tributes, from glory bundles, and then buy more chests from gold from them. It varies by week

But why would you buy gold chests? O.o
i probably open 100+ every day but that’s just tribute keys and keys from matching.

Because I need 950 minor reds still, along with commons to ascend troops

Don’t you get enough for free anywayour?

As I’m not done upgrading, I’ll keep using my gold.

When mythic guild tasks come out and there is another use for my gold, I’ll likely do that instead.

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i only open all the gold keys i get, not purchasing these chests with gold…
its still 500-600 gold chests at monday due to guild tasks rewards, then there is all the gold keys i am getting from buying new troop glory bundles +the rest of guild tasks throughout the week…
no idea how much it is on average haha

I’ve recently decided that I keep buying gold keys in order to obtain minors and lots of souls. Mainly because my guild leaders finish all cheap tasks on Monday so I would need to farm a day or two for task contribution.

i heard legendary tasks are coming soon to the pc/mobile so maybe hold your gold :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, we’re not even close to finishing all tasks. In a good week we can complete all colors 6/12.

then it is still worth more to just complete the tasks, even if just the every other week when you get enough gold,
make this attitude for all the 30 members and then compare the loot from gold chests vs the guild rewards

make it for example:
15k gold => 50 gold chests to YOU vs 30x15k gold worth of guild donation rewards to you and all the members. that should net at least a few glory keys or gems which id rate much higher then a 50 golc chests, plus if it is indeed a low level task then it might just as well give those gold keys back in a bigger number

Last week we were at a point where all task costed 150k or more. Since I only play explore it’s not really possible for me to donate effectively.

And we’re just a casual family guild of 5 people.

aww in that case i cant help :slight_smile: perhaps merge with another small family on a good terms :wink:

Nah, the rewards we’re getting are totally fine. I don’t need much to enjoy this game :wink:

i undersdtand but isnt it the more the merrier :smile_cat: