Live Event Thread (And Feedback if you wish!)


Hello everyone! We thought it high time to make a live events thread. Feel free to discuss anything Guild Wars, Invasions or Bounties in here.

Feedback is welcome, as is speculation and just a general chat. Now, the first order of business… Who is excited for Raid Bosses today?


i am excited of course can we know more about the rewards??? or do i need to ask in the other thread? :slight_smile:


With a cost in gems I expect better rewards for lower levels, not like GW, in where only bracket 1 get rewards in gems enough.


The majority of the rewards are from the Guild progression targets. Which are tied to a guild’s progress, other guilds don’t affect this.


without been specific can you tell us if it’s random rewards or always the same?



I think I not explain well.

My question is: As we spend gems in levels in the Raid Boss, we are going to get more gems than we spent?
Or only at high levels in the Raid Boss?

Just as GW brackets


Is there an implicit minimum number of participating members required to get the highest tier reward?


@Saltypatra when is the vault event? I checked everywhere and i can’t find any timer about this event?


The vault event starts on Friday. :slight_smile:


Cool im excited to get another vault key cause the only one i won didin’t unlock the achievement :frowning:


@Saltypatra alpheon mentionned during raid boss, we will only see valraven, so how can both event run at the same time?

edit: unless Raid boss finish on friday?


Valraven only spawns in the Events. In other modes you will still see Gnomes.


ok so valraven will only appear during raid boss battle and other mode is always gnome only? i thought it was valraven in every mode until the event is over