Little thanksgiving surprise!


Welp, Just over a year and now a couple months under the belt, last night we achieved something that in the beginning, didn’t think was going to happen, or thought was even possible. Solophobia has now reached 1 Mil trophies!

(I know i blew it and missed it by a battle) I want to thank everyone that’s ever been in our guild and is currently. I’m beyond thankful for our members we have now, and everyone that’s ever contributed! Obv wouldn’t be here with out you guys!

Most of all, thankful for having a great game where folks can get together and game. Thankful to have the opportunity to run a great guild with such good people. I’m very thankful. Thanks <3


Happy that we crossed the million mark on the same day @Strawnyy! Congrats to everyone in your guild, awesome job :slight_smile:


Grats from us at MatchMasters


Grats from Black Dragon


Thanks guys!!! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Great job for you and your Team, that is a great milestone of achievement


Kudos to Solophobia!!!
What an accomplishment!?

Props… all of them… :wink:


Well done Team Solophobia!


Thanks Sirrian! <3


Congratulations from Dragon’s Peak !!!


Congrats for the great work you and your guild have done!


Thanks Aelthwyn!! :hugs:


Thanks Maximuse! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Congratulations Strawn and to team Solophobia!


Thank you Mariana!


Congrats from the support team! :wink: :muscle:


Jesh, thanks Cyrup! & THE support team! :heart:


good job guys, keep it up and i hope you guys keep enjoying the game for several years


Thanks Rickey!!! Hope so too! :slight_smile: