List of Quality of Life Improvements

I’m a simple forum-goer, I see a QoL suggestion topic, I click :heart:.


option to allow players to know which kingdoms offered the tributes. we only know the kingdom name with 1 tribute received but not from 2+. No reason to keep that secret.

I know we are getting a boost to tribute chance with the new update, BUT

What if Exploring in a kingdom increased the percentage chance, marginally? Then when you saw which kingdoms were not paying tribute, you could “Show Up” and demand tribute.

Sort of a Sheriff of Nottingham effect! :wink:

I know this is more feature request than QoL, but @anon43026234 made me think of it… so blame him…

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I saw someone requesting faster animation speed in battle. I know they already did it once, but apparently it’s still too slow for some people.

There’s also some places outside of battle where faster animations will greatly benefit everyone.

@efh313, sorry, but I see that as a feature request. I’ll gladly blame @anon43026234 though :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of, @anon43026234, I added the “show all kingdoms” to the list.

Also added faster speeds @yonizaf. I think speeding up the beginning Traits would help a lot, but I know there’s even been requests for “no animations”.

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Added @KrudlerTheHorse’s suggestion for the chest UI.

Hi where’s the QoL thread?

You’ve found it :slight_smile:

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Ok that’s bizarre… I have no idea how I staggered in here lol

@actreal tagged me in your thread, so I tagged you in this one.

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A guild member brought this one up:

A number of completed moves counter for treasure hunt, specifically so you could tell how close you were to getting 61 for the seals reward, but also to know how close you are to your next traitstone.

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Definitely add ‘automatic collection of guild seals’, seeing that everywhere.

WTB the guild activity log back :frowning: (idk if it was removed as a measure to prevent people from checking how fast their battles are - those who want to will stopwatch them anyway), it was useful, all it needed was 2-3 filters (to check contributions only for example, or activity by person).

Please bring it back (I didn’t see anywhere if it was explained why it’s gone now, nothing beyond “yes we removed it”)

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@Mithran, I always assumed the counter was deliberately excluded, but added nonetheless.

@Shimrra, added auto collecting seals.

@Fifthelement, added guild activity log.

@Studs. @Shimrra

FYI: simple method to avoid melting the servers Sirrian wrote about

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I thought I read it somewhere but now I can’t find it. As a guild master I would like to be able to send a mass message to guild members mail. A lot of players don’t turn on or read chat. I don’t want to have to kick them for not doing something without giving them notice. That would be my number one LoQ improvement!!!


I already have a bullet about enabling guild leaders to message their members :slight_smile:

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I agree with pretty much everything on this list… Only thing I could really add to it would be the ability to disable skill confirmation, so that when you click a skill, it automatically casts; although I’ve voiced my opinion on here about that before and not too many seemed pleased with the concept. (I’m not sure why… If you don’t like it, keep skill confirmation on?) Skill confirmation is just a mistake deterrent for newer players, anyway.

I added it. I can see why one would want it. It’s up to the dev team to prioritize things.

Sort of a borrowed thought, as I was reading another post about it, but I agree that it would improve the QoL when playing GoW:

A reliable, alternative source of soul gains (NOT exclusively Valkyrie).

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