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List of Glitches (not yet mentioned?)

Hello everyone! Here is a list of glitches I have found this week, most of which are 2.0.1 caused:

  • Double Assassinate Glitch: Assasin’s legendary trait has the same glitch that Archer and Maw use to have in which it can kill multiple enemies. Skull spam with the Assassin class has the potential of team wiping instantly, but commonly it won’t go further than 2 at once due to 10% chance.

  • Incorrect Refund: Troops with a changed color give a refund as the changed color. (Night Terror)

  • Infinite Soul Glitch: Anyone with enough VIP points to have all level 5 or level 10 starting troops can farm souls infinitely when a common or rare is up for refund. This is done by refunding the card, then disenchanting it to 0, then using 50 gold keys if it is a common or 50 glory keys if it is a rare. Since it went from 0 to 1, that card will then be releveled. Since the refund still works, someone could just keep refunding, disenchanting, and going through that cycle to farm a decent amount of souls. Luckily it would only be viable for someone who has VIP 8 as level 10 common/rare would give a lot more souls than level 5. Anyone with VIP 8 would easily have the gold and/or glory keys to trigger this glitch and obtain “infinite” souls.

  • Repick Bug: Clicking repick will repick, but then sometimes goes into an endless loading screen for no reason after the repick has already loaded.

  • No Damage Maw: Using Maw’s ability on something with impervious stops not just the devour, but also the gem spawn. If Maw’s 15% chance to devour on skull damage triggers on impervious, the Maw does 0 skull damage.


This was said to be intended, some time in the past: