List of features i would like to see

  1. Explore difficulty raised to 15 - more gold better medals
  2. Arena rework - let us still pick from preselected troops but allow us to see them all
  3. Treasure map rework - simply include all resources in game
  4. Dragonite - give us pity dragonite after 7 consecutive failed perfect runs
  5. Journey - reinstate pathfinders now the can be removed from pvp
  6. Underspire - Dupe protection for guardians and better drop rate
  7. Remove shrine contributions from rewards
  8. Limit number of extra turns to prevent loop death
  9. Increase number of mythics in SF to 8
  10. In SF allow us to craft any resource
  1. Sounds good.
  2. I strongly suspect that your choices affect which troops you’re offered next. So, if you pick a red troop, the next troop choices will be blue or yellow, for example. So, they can’t let you see all the choices. If they did, it’d be better for us as players, but the mode is trying to force you to have a varied team, which means fixed choices.
  3. It definitely needs more currency choices added, even if they made an epic treasure hunt version that costs more maps to play and swaps old currency for newer ones.
  4. I’d much prefer them giving a small amount every run and extra on perfect ones, but anything would be better than days/weeks of nothing. I’m sat in a dragonite doldrum desperate for a sighting of the stuff, most weeks.
  5. They need to do something to them, even if it only affects them within the event, like event captain boosts in other events.
  6. Definitely agree.
  7. OMG, this. Seeing my reward page clogged up with shrine notifications is so stupid. Especially during tower of doom, when I REALLY need to see what rewards I got.
  8. Nope. This one I 100% disagree with. It is a controversial area, but there are troops like the goblins which are entirely built around the idea of tons of extra turns and low damage. Any turn limit would mean reworking almost every troop that gives extra turns to make them more powerful, like they currently need to do with the pathfinder troops.
  9. Yep, at least 8, maybe more.
  10. Agree. I can understand the newest resource or the latest couple might need to be kept out, since they want to make money from them, but anything more than 6-8 months old could be added to the forge.

1 - I can’t disagree. Heck, raise the cap to Explore 20! Boss Dungeon already scales significantly higher (to say nothing of Delves), so while Explore is a mode that can be farmed endlessly and for free, I don’t see any harm.

2 - Support, I know I’ve shared an idea of my own.

3 - I don’t think Treasure Hunt (at least the standard tier) needs to support “all” resource types in the game, but there is DEFINITELY a lot of room for improvement to this mode, and I know I’ve shared a few ideas of my own (like: the ability to spend extra maps to reset the timer but not the board).

4 - Support, though the minimum guaranteed amount would kind of need to be genuinely a pittance. Maybe the Gem Dragon itself could be guaranteed to drop like 1-2 pieces, but then they might need to change the Dungeon mode (again) to guarantee the Gem Dragon gets fought last.

5 - No, (and while this may sound odd coming from me) the devs should NOT routinely (key word: “routinely”) go singling out specific Troops to shadowban from any mode. +15 Gem creation was simply unacceptable, and +10 feels like the nerf was a little too hard, but the greater complaint is the structure of Journey mode itself, not the Pathfinders generally.

7 - Yeah, this is kind of redundant since it’s not a reward actually given to you at the time you are notified. Though, to be fair this is consistent with Event score notifications being included in the battle rewards screen…

8 - I don’t disagree, but HOW would they actually implement such a thing? The types of “combo limiting” mechanics you find in other games tend to rely on mechanics exclusive to each game (buffing knockback, reducing hitstun, staling damage, etc.) but for Gems of War you either get an Extra Turn (100%) or you don’t (0%) – there is no inbetween.

Hypothetical idea

Maybe each player starts battle with a known “bank” of extra turns, maybe dictated by their team composition (with each Troop contributing a specific # of such turns). Every match of 4-or-more Gems deducts from it, and once it hits zero that player cannot receive Extra Turns when matching Gems. (Spells that specifically award Extra Turns do not deduct from it)

However, it still feels like adding unnecessary complication to a low-level gameplay mechanic that – outside of certain team compositions – isn’t actually a problem.

10 - Maybe not “every” resource, but there are DEFINITELY some opportunities for more recipes to exchange unwanted resources for needed ones.

I don’t, but this could be a fun experiment to collect data for. I remember one time being able to put together an all-Purple team with … I think it was Sanguina? Subsequently one-shot everything on that run.


Feature id like to see.

Closure of forum, because they do everything we don’t like.
And fix nothing, we need fixed .

So I don’t know why it’s here.

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