List of annoying things in Gems of War

  1. Can’t escape the match without losing Souls and Treasure Maps - frustrating.
  2. Unskippable cutscene (like 2 seconds) before each single quest - frustrating.
  3. Long spell cast animation - need an option to turn it off.
  4. Traits activating, like 3-5 seconds each battle - frustrating.
  5. AI takes like 1 second to make a move - could it be a little faster? Asking myself this question every single match.
  6. Can’t escape Treasure Hunt without losing all I’ve collected.
  7. Some dialogues can be closed by clicking anywhere outside them, some require clicking a specific button - frustrating.
  8. Long animation of what I’ve collected after battles or after defences - annoying.
  9. Long troops leveling animation - makes me want to hit someone. I understand that game needs time to ping the server. At least make the button “Upgrade X levels”.
  10. I want the hints on possible moves to appear faster. My eyes hurt after hours of searching for 4-5 matches, those hints are life savers for me, but I have to wait 2-3 secons before each move - frustrating.
  11. After completing 2-4 quests game throws me out of castle on the world map. Is it really that necessary? Just offer me the next quest with no additional waiting.

All these things may look little, but together they do much pain, that kills enjoyment.
The game is generally unoptimised (from my perspective) and causes massive time wasting.

Thanks for reading.

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There is a “Quality of Life” thread that’s basically the positive version of this thread. Please post your issues and recommended solutions in that thread. No one likes a complainer.


I have to agree with you on many of these points…

The first 100 times you see this, ok… but after you have been playing for 1000’s of matches, you just wish this could be skipped… sometimes the wait between these areas, just makes me go play another game.

I hope they can at least put a toggle option in the settings for accounts higher than level 100 or something to skip these annoying time wasting animations.

I should add: Many of the issues you raise are already in that list, so take a quick look and raise anything that isn’t already in there and I’ll be happy to add it. And here’s the list to make it extra-easy for you: List of Quality of Life Improvements

Thanks, I’ll check that thread out.

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Annoying things not in Gems of War:

The inability to be competitive without a $75 chase item
Having to wait a month or more for any added content
An energy system that throttles game play
A dev team that refuses to compensate player base when mistakes/glitches happen

All of the above feature quite prominently in a game in the Final Fantasy line.


Thank you.

the only thing i could add that annoys me is the idea what quests made the main hero to be. i just hate that character, i dont wanna be mindless pushover - and the game states “This is You! You’re the hero! Now get out there and be heroic!” - seriously?
could gems of war please not make me a mindless pushover pretty much please? :angry: or at least drop the line that this is me and change it to this is my servant then i would feel sorry for him/her instead of the dissatisfaction :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m new to the game but the first thing I wanted was a quick mode. I don’t need 100 battles to get annoyed by waiting.
The ai annoys me with its slowness, esp when it finds chains after chains, then spell, then chains again and spell again and I’m sitting there thinking ‘done… anytime or should I go make coffee?’

I started to run videos on my second monitor to distract me but, yes… I want a quick mode. I don’t care what the ai does, let it all be done instantly. When I see the results on me I can grasp what happened, if I care enough… most time I just don’t.

If you cloud abort a battle and take your goodies with you, I’d often leave it after I got my souls full xD

You can end a treasure hunt really quickly, where’s the prob? Too many turns left? :wink:

  1. So true. Esp. when you farm with your attention elsewhere… like the video on the other screen ^^

you can’t retreat while on ai’s turn. it almost like devs want us to watch our team get trampled in vain.

It’s been asked before, and there are (numerous, apparently) technical reasons why it cannot be done.

I guess they also find it funny.

For those that haven’t been here – as a player I am grateful for the devs compensation and Support’s amazing ability to just get things handled.

I’ve been here since July. In that time we’ve had compensation for Glitches, outages, server slow time, to one of the releases that went really bad and had to be patched a few times quickly. Sent to Everyone. Not just a few. AND posted the information to the boards.

I’ve been compensated when I ran up against a bot, when I didn’t get my full set of event keys, even something as trival as having to restart the game because of the system screwing up my account over and over (do need to report to support these things for that compensation)

The Dev have been overtly compensated drive up to and including random handouts.


I am so sorry Rasper. I missed the NOT…and thought goodness…trying to defend you guys … I will fix my post to show support for your post

:fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks:

AND YES … this is a great game that I didn’t have to buy anything to play unlike the game I left to play this one More so the stuff I did it choose to buy the 15 souls and the treasure maps in the beginning- actually made it even more fun.

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Another game that I play, occasionally, is Final Fantasy Mobius. It was down for over 12 hours yesterday. No reason given, no compensation, no nothing. To bad, so sad.

But if you want to use the newest card, that will be $75 please.

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I hear you Rasper.

I stopped playing Gummy Drop for the most part, now just daily log in to collect enough coins and my factories output, until I get enough coinage to buy things to actually finish levels. And I have only completely 1 level. I was a sucker in the beginning and paid for out of pocket items to finish just the first level games. It turned into a nightmare especially the timed ones.

Now, my heart is here (and I so love this weeks’ SNOWMAN event). Though the Snotdrops need to change color… and name :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If you’re talking about the character dialogue, it is skippable. You just have to click the X at the top.


I wanted to reply that it’s not that dialogue that can be skipped, but then checked it myself. Thank you!

I got the devs to confirm that they want to change this in the future. No update is confirmed to have this fix as of yet.

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