Lionprince bugged

Lion prince will hit same troop twice if row skulls kill a troop, will hit thin air (Only once) when 1 opponent card remains.

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I can confirm this bug on the PS4. If a unit has an ability that targets two enemies (Druid, Knight Coronet, etc.) with one troop left they will hit twice. With the Lion Prince, he hits once and then you see another animation but he hits thin air.


I got that same bug on the Xbox One version of the game.

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This is still not fixed, gems devs… when will this finally be fixed? thanks.

I don’t think this is a bug.

Khorvash, Kraken, Lion Prince all have the same design: hit the first (or last) two enemies. If one enemy remains, it can’t be the last two enemies (it can’t be next to itself). So one target is lost, and only shot hits.

Druid hits two random enemies. If one enemy remains, it can be randomly picked twice, so can legit be targeted twice.

Coronet hits the first and last enemies. If one enemy remains, it is both the first and last enemy, so gets targeted twice.

This first bit (which I’ve not observed in battle) could well be a bug. As targets are picked by spells before any damage or bits resolve, I’d expect in this case the first spell shot to get lost: row skulls killed it after it was picked as the first target of the two target spell. So this is odd. Not a huge issue though, and unlikely to be high on the fix list…