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Lion Prince's Spell bugged

Had a Arena fight against a fellow with Lion Prince in his deck. Read his skill info, destroy a row blah blah. Not a treath. WRONG --> prince wiped the whole screen, checked the description multiple times (A row, thats 1 right?).

So yea, at least in this case, the card kept spamming his skill, gaining extra turns occasionally and instarefreshing since the whole table was cleared each time. Wasnt too fun.


True enough, just tested it and no matter where I click, Lion Prince wipes the entire board charging everyone with ease. Puts Marilith and Gorgotha to shame, it’s kinda hilarious watching a whole boards destruction repeatedly. :laughing:

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We are looking into this now and will get a fix out soon.

Fix should be out now, you may need to restart the game to download it.


And that’s why we cannot have cool stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fixed that for you.


What if the text was wrong and not the spell, in your opinion would the prince be too good of a card?

I don’t want to speak for them, but one could see where the dev’s actions, already answered your question.

(read: same day fix pushed.)

maxed gorgotha already can almost board clear with good rng… Historically, he is the benchmark all other mana gathering cards seem to be measured by… carnex, behemoth, herder, weapons, etc all seem to be lessor… so by that measure alone, it would seem complete guaranteed clear would be unprecedented by design.

Collecting 100% of the screen, and dealing significant damage to the top two troops for 11 mana is, indeed, WELL over the curve set for a balanced troop.

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Obviously, that’s why they nerfed exploders to only get 70% of the mana (it used to be 100% once). And even the best exploder will rarely clear the whole board.